Spanish mackerel are seasonal visitors to Charlotte Harbor in Southwest Florida, and they are most abundant during the spring and fall seasons. Click here to see some tips and tricks for catching these silvery speedsters. 

My introduction to ocean fishing was provided courtesy of a diminutive but feisty Fish that devoured bloodworm baits I was fishing from the Steel Pier in Virginia Beach.  The spot were not big, but I caught them two at a time until I grew tired of cranking up the fish. I've loved them ever since. Read more here

Nell Malat's speckled trout was invited home for dinner. Her fish was enjoyed at the peak of freshness because Nell followed  a few simple guidelines.  Read about how to take care of your catch here

When a fish is caught and released back into the wild, there's no guarantee the fish will live.   For the fish to have the best chance of survival after the catch, a careful release is planned before the fish is hooked.  Read how to execute that plan here

My tackle bag carries a handful of storage trays, each loaded with the gear that's suited for a specific type of fishing. The trays vary, depending on the day's fishing venue, but a few of my proven "tools of the trade" go with me on every fishing trip.  See the tools here.

Over several decades of fishing the surf, Joe has caught most of his fish on two types of rod and reel combos. Discover the author's "go to" surf outfits and read more about why they are so effective here

Fishing Tips and Tricks to Help YOU Catch More Fish 

New tips to help YOU catch more fish

will be added frequently.  Come back soon!

 I love sea mullet, also called roundhead, whiting, or kingfish.  They are one of my all-time favorites to catch, and I give them high marks on the table. Sea mullet are an easy target for surf and pier fishermen. Learn how to locate and catch them here

Southwest Florida offers a variety of fish available from boats and piers, in the surf and wading the shorelines.  Each venue presents some unique habitats as well as fish that may weigh from a few ounces to more than 100 pounds.  What's a good rod and reel combination for the beginning angler?  Click here to find out. 

I grew up fishing from the beaches of Virginia and North Carolina's Outer Banks. When my wife Nell and I made our first trip from North Carolina to Captiva in 1990 I quickly learned that surf fishing in  Southwest Florida was very different from the Atlantic Coast and many of the lures, rigs, baits and techniques I used at home simply did not apply.  See some Southwest Florida surf fishing tips here 

My lure landed just ahead of the disturbance on the surface.  The line came tight after a couple turns of the reel's handle and the spinning rod bent almost double in my hands as the silvery fish, gills flaring, went airborne. During the fight this fish spent as much time in the air as it did in the water, but now was swimming slowly on the surface.  Click here to read the rest of the story.

 About the time visitors from northern climes begin to appear in Southwest Florida, pompano trickle into local waters and provide anglers with some outstanding winter time fishing from December through March.  Learn how to catch them here.

Along the North Carolina coast small red drum are fondly referred to as “puppy drum.”  These young redfish are a treat to catch from the beach, and the bite gets hot when the water cools down.  See how to catch pups in the surf  here